Amazing Partners Providing Specialized Solutions to Common Health Challenges

Accountable believes that treatment is just the first step in long term recovery. We provide tele-enabled peer support with target outreach based on personalized goal setting and accountability with random saliva based toxicology screening. Accountable’s web platform fosters unparalleled transparency so family members, friends, and clinicians can be supportive without feeling the need to police. Our mission is to empower the recovering individual as they safely integrate into the recovery lifestyle.

Heritage Cares is a breakthrough coaching & support service for families and individuals struggling with substance misuse. Validated support models and experience helping 8,000 families.

I-Ally is a community-driven app that saves young family caregivers time, reduces stress, and enables informed decision-making by providing the services and support that fulfill their unique needs. Users can sign up for free and have immediate access to peer support, Telehealth, financial & legal counsel, personalized coaching and more.

Lief helps you keep calm and focused in stressful situations. The wearable uses a technology called heart rate variability biofeedback to deliver clinically proven results in 8 weeks or less. Use code YOUTURN for 10% off your first month. 

Leon is the world’s first-ever AI-powered employee performance platform that helps 10x your people’s performance and happiness without breaking a sweat. Our enterprise wellness intelligence allows you to keep an ear to the ground at all times, addressing issues like team burnout, shaky mental health and drops in performance (before it takes a nosedive). Whether support comes through data-informed leadership or customized Playbooks, Leon aims to be the de facto way of driving employee well-being and performance— in real-time, as soon as your people need it.

Clickotine® is a leading digital smoking cessation program designed to help anyone quit smoking. Based on cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), our cutting-edge approach creates personalized journeys that match all lifestyles. Easily accessible through a smartphone, Clickotine offers unparalleled support through care specialists, daily missions, and Nicotine Replacement Therapy (nicotine gum, lozenges, patches).