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Forget everything you’ve heard about traditional addiction and recovery. youturn is an innovative video platform for people who are being negatively affected by addiction. We’re not A.A. We’re not rehab. We’re just here to offer information. Provide perspective. And start the conversation. What you do from there is up to you.

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The statistics are staggering,
but there is hope

of America has a relationship with someone who has struggled with addiction over the last year
of people who need help don’t get it
people are reported to have used illicit drugs in the past year
of people struggling with substance use are employed full-time


Why we’re different

youturn was created by people who overcame challenges related to substance use disorders. People who found a way to make a comeback and lead a healthier, happier, more purposeful lifestyle. We are living, breathing testimonies to the fact that hope and change are possible.

Our belief

We believe if given the right information, people can change. We believe the traditional addiction/recovery model is broken. We believe information and transparency are the keys to breaking free.

Our approach

We believe information and education can help people make a decision to change. No judgment, no pressure, no assumptions or mandates. Objective information. You decide what comes next.

Our audience

Moms, dads, kids, friends, coworkers — anyone who may be impacted by addiction.


What can youturn do for you?

Give a real understanding of substance abuse

Help you become empowered

Enable you to recognize the signs of addiction

Provide ways to cope and deal

Give tips to break-through to loved ones

Open your mind to the reality of addiction

Point the way to a brighter future


One person can make a difference

What you may learn could change someone’s life.
Or your own.

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