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There are a number of ways youturn can help your business. We'll focus on two—#1, your employees and #2, your bottom line. youturn is a cost-effective, add-on insurance benefit that gives your employees the information and resources they need to deal with addiction that they or a loved one may be experiencing.

Additionally, youturn will help you promote a healthier, happier workforce that leads to higher productivity.
It's not only a win-win, it's the right thing to do.

youturn means:


Waiting until people hit bottom costs companies tens of thousands of dollars


A struggling family member can reduce workforce productivity by 40%


Unintentional workplace overdose deaths have increased by at least 25% in each of the last five years


Taking action against these stressors can help change the conversation about addiction

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youturn is good business

Addiction is on the rise, and no sector is immune—that includes your business. Not only can youturn help your employees and families that may be impacted, it can help your business through: cost containment, risk mitigation, and increased worker productivity.

youturn is a nominal cost—and has an exponential upside. Contact us today to discuss how youturn can change lives—and your business.

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Get better

Watch productivity increase, costs decline, and lives change

Contact us to discuss how youturn can help your business and employees.

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