No, youturn is an educational platform designed to inform and empower users so they are better able to make decisions regarding their situation.

Absolutely not. What you watch is your business and will not be shared with your employer or anyone else.

In Greenville, SC, you can call FAVOR at 864-385-7757. Nationally, you will need to connect with your nearest trusted resource center.

Yes, we will add stories throughout the year. Look for new topic-focused conversations each week as well. These are available under “Conversations” in the top navigation.

You may cancel your subscription at any time through the My Account section in the top right navigation.

No, simply direct them to youturn.net where they may create their own user ID to have the ultimate experience.

The best way to share ideas with us is via the “Contact” section.

We do not provide coaching or therapy services at this time but we believe they can be important aspects of addiction support for the family and the person working towards recovery.

We strive to remain fully independent and separate from the treatment industry but our friends at Shatterproof have created a system to rate treatment programs that you can access.

We plan to create a membership community in the future that will allow you to connect and communicate with other youturn members for support.

To take the Recovery First Aid quiz, ensure that you watched each video in its entirety and submitted feedback.

Yes, you can share this information by sending the following link: youturnnow.youturn.net.

To reset your password, send a reset request to info@youturn.net.

To change your password, log into your account. Then, click the top right corner and select “My Account.” Once there, you can update your personal information and/or password.

To share youturn with others, please send them to youturn.net. Once there, they can view our informational video and learn more about our mission and who we are.

At this time, youturn does not offer additional services.

To maintain access to with youturn, email info@youturn.net and request that your account not be terminated.

If you are on Internet Explorer, we suggest using another Internet browser that is compatible with the platform – such as Firefox, Safari, or Chrome. If you are experiencing issues while at work, please ensure that your IT Firewall is not preventing access to the site.

Yes, please refer to our role play videos in the Education section of the platform.

We cannot recommend a recovery center or service at this time; however, the contact information for FAVOR is listed on our Resources page. They may be able to help you find some resources in your area.